The interesting story of Mars

I found a nice narrated documentary clip about Mars that is quite interesting: it tries to prove that Mars was much like our Earth in the past, until a major catastrophe, at least. Advertisements

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The Phytoplankton Experiment: A climate saver

A couple of days ago I remembered a show I saw on Discovery or National Geographic. I think it was a year ago…( I just remember things sometimes out of boredom, not that I do something that requires me to remember things…) Anyway, it was about an interesting experiment related to the phytoplankton.Before you ask […]

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Dangerous Hydrogen Making Experiment

Yesterday I discovered a faster, simpler way of producing hydrogen without all that electrolysis hustle. I hope I can get my hands on some NaOH tomorrow, because NaOH+H2O+Al=> lots of heat and H2 and other substances that are hard to write(something like NaAl(OH) but I may be wrong). I just put them in a bottle, […]

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Making Oxygen(first attempt)

OK so I decided to make a simple apparatus for making oxygen from electrolysis. I also made hydrogen during this experiment, but I didn’t collect it. The bothering thing was that it took 8 hours(!!!) to fill just a quarter of my small collecting “tank” ( which is a jar btw…). Secondery products, in smaller […]

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