Interesting read: How Hard Drives work

I’ve been reading about hdds lately and I stumbled across an interesting article. Original Source Even if you’re a self-proclaimed computer geek who can build a PC from components, I bet there are parts that you don’t fully understand. You might know, in abstract terms, how a computer restarts — but do you know the actual process? […]

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NFS: Shift 2 coming March 2011

It’s coming in 29.03.2011, or around that date.   SHIFT 2 Unleashed™: AUTHENTICITY AND REALISM   The Limited Edition pack trailer:   The “old” teaser:

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Laser+Syringe=> Microscope

Well this is quite impressive: using just a laser and a drop of water you can project the microscopic world on a wall. That’s right, you can see bacteria and other small creatures moving through the water molecules. Advertisements

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Nikon Coolpix P100: Some video clips

Because I’m so excited about this camera I’m going to buy, I searched for some videos done with it on youtube. As I said in the earlier post, I will not only use it for photographs, but for filming too. Combined with a few filming tricks, it’s capable of some good quality clips. I’ll start […]

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Epic Gmod Movie

If you want to rofl , this is for you : Advertisements

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