PC Upgrade!

Long time, no post! Oh well, I now have a good reason to post about something a bit interesting. I upgraded my CPU from an Intel Pentium D935 3,2 ghz(2007) to an Intel Pentium E6500 2,93ghz(2009). I also bought an Arcting Cooling Accelero Pro for my Gigabyte Ati Radeon HD4850 video card. The results are […]

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The one-wheel scooter

I remember trying to build such a thing in a game called Garry’s Mod some time ago, and it was a total fail. It seems that reality provides better physics :D. It has the following specifications: Range: Up to 48 km Max Speed: 40 km/h Recharge Time LiFePo4: 1 ½ hours Tire Diameter: 25” Weight […]

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Pc Coolers !!!

Today I bought myself a 12 cm cooler. Wow ! This baby’s like an airplane ! , it will surely make some good airflow in my case. I uploaded some pictures with it, and also with my pc 🙂 😛 Here’s the gallery :

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