PC Upgrade!

Long time, no post! Oh well, I now have a good reason to post about something a bit interesting. I upgraded my CPU from an Intel Pentium D935 3,2 ghz(2007) to an Intel Pentium E6500 2,93ghz(2009). I also bought an Arcting Cooling Accelero Pro for my Gigabyte Ati Radeon HD4850 video card. The results are […]

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http://www.minecraft.net/ I’ve been recently testing a cool new game that’s called “Minecraft“. It’s a sandbox game were you can alter everything in the world and extract certain resources to produce different tools that will allow you to extract even more resources, or the same resources but faster. The game is still in its alpha stages, […]

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Pc Coolers !!!

Today I bought myself a 12 cm cooler. Wow ! This baby’s like an airplane ! , it will surely make some good airflow in my case. I uploaded some pictures with it, and also with my pc 🙂 😛 Here’s the gallery :

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