HL Rooms- A TWHL project

It’s the first Half-Life modification where I participated. It’s a project that’s been initiated on http://www.twhl.co.za, practically anyone who wanted could make a room and then the person who managed the entire project ( Captain Terror from TWHL) would include in the a chain of interconnected rooms. A lot of this kind of projects have […]

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Garry’s Mod map !

I made a garry’s mod map and I released it finally. You can download it here : DOWNLOAD LINK Also, a youtube video here :

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HDD activity LED mod

I modified my case a little with some components. Know the red light that flashes when the HDD is in use ? Well, I deconnected that led and added 2 blue leds with some circutry. That’s because I wanted the mto slowly fade away. Here’s the video :  And here’s how to hook the pieces […]

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