7 segment display and Arduino

I experienced a bit with the persistence of vision effect(POV), using a 7 segment LED display. The one I used is a single digit numeric display, Kingbright SC56-11EWA. Essentially I wanted to see the effect going from slow to fast “live”, so I can better understand it. For this I used a potentiometer to slowly […]

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Robots! What?

I discovered today a lovely guide( actually “instructables” as they like to call them) on how to build several types of robots on a cool site everyone should visit, because all the articles there are posted on different categories. Here’s the link to that guide I was talking about : LINK

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HDD activity LED mod

I modified my case a little with some components. Know the red light that flashes when the HDD is in use ? Well, I deconnected that led and added 2 blue leds with some circutry. That’s because I wanted the mto slowly fade away. Here’s the video :  And here’s how to hook the pieces […]

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