Source Engine frame drops

Also known as lag spikes, or FPS drops, or frame stuttering, this annoying problem doesn’t happen only in Valve’s Source engine, as I’ve experienced, but also in GoldSrc(yeah, the Half-Life 1 engine). A gif will best explain this phenomenon: You can imagine that if in single player this is super annoying, multiplayer games like CS:GO […]

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Black Mesa Source Review

With patience you can travel across the seas. Patient people can expect fantastic rewards. Hard work produces marvelous results. No matter what, keep having hope that you will succeed. These all seem to be worthy attributes of Valve Time. Valve Time has been known to bring some fans to their knees, begging for new releases. […]

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Half-Life 2 in 2 minutes and 44 seconds

Here’s a short video I made out of boredom… this weekend I replayed HL2 and told myself : “Hey, why not film the action and compress it in about 2 minutes of film ?”. So I did that. In total, 91 clips were filmed. Here’s the video : Advertisements

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