Exoplanet that could harbour life

I get very excited when I discover news about new fantastic solar systems.  I bet the astronomers too, and I really regret that I don’t have enough time to read about these things(I know “I don’t have time” is the perfect excuse, but I’m being honest: there’s not enough time to study everything around you!”). […]

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Solar System discovered 127 light-years away

Well, I suppose it wasn’t suddenly discovered. There was some work for about 6 years studying the star HD10180 using a planet-finding instrument called “the HARPS spectrograph”, attached to ESO’s 3.6 metre (11.8ft) telescope at La Silla, Chile. Scientists say it has about 7 planets, which makes this solar system hold the record on the […]

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Exoplanet Atmosphere Roils with Superspeed Winds

I found an interesting article today on http://www.scientificamerican.com. It is about an exoplanet located somewhere about 150 light-years away from us. That’s a lot, let me tell you: 1 light years is the distance traveled by light in that amount of time, and given the fact that light travels at almost 300.000 km/s, that means […]

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