Changed the flux LED to a 1W LED

In the last post I talked about putting an LED instead of a light bulb on my bicycle rear light. I wasn’t satisfied with the luminosity, I was expecting something somewhat brighter, but I actually think the original incandescent bulb was much brighter. Therefore, I bought a 1W LED, and after some researching, it seems […]

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PC Upgrade!

Long time, no post! Oh well, I now have a good reason to post about something a bit interesting. I upgraded my CPU from an Intel Pentium D935 3,2 ghz(2007) to an Intel Pentium E6500 2,93ghz(2009). I also bought an Arcting Cooling Accelero Pro for my Gigabyte Ati Radeon HD4850 video card. The results are […]

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Making a LED flasher

This is a small project I was done with in about one hour(I didn’t found a use for it, but I’ll update the post if I do :D). It’s easy to build, especially for beginners like me. And the result is satisfying. I used 2 blue leds, and I tested the circuit on my pc […]

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Repairing the Audio System

One and a half year ago my audio system(Manta Merlin 2.1, aprox 25W RMS) made a loud bang. It scared the crap out of me. I was, in a way, suspecting something like that would happen because the back panel was seriously hot all the time. From that moment, the bass didn’t work anymore. In […]

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