PC Upgrade!

Long time, no post! Oh well, I now have a good reason to post about something a bit interesting. I upgraded my CPU from an Intel Pentium D935 3,2 ghz(2007) to an Intel Pentium E6500 2,93ghz(2009). I also bought an Arcting Cooling Accelero Pro for my Gigabyte Ati Radeon HD4850 video card. The results are […]

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A totally rethought computer

Google Chrome OS Probably until now you were wondering what’s Google Chrome OS? It’s an operating system that focuses on browsing the internet. Here’s a presentation video of it: Of course, you’ll probably not install this OS on your main computer where you stay all day and design stuff, or play games. But in my […]

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The best browsing experience is not defined only by the sites you usually visit, but also the tool you use to navigate- the browser. Now I’m going to give you a small tip(and you won’t regret it): Try Firefox. Use Firefox! It’s probably the best web browsing experience you can get. I’m going to prove […]

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