Methods of obtaining Hydrogen

Hydrogen Hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant chemical element, constituting roughly 75 % of the Universe’s elemental mass.[4] Stars in the main sequence are mainly composed of hydrogen in its plasma state. Naturally occurring elemental hydrogen is relatively rare on Earth. Hydrogen gas (now known to be H2) was first artificially produced in the early 16th century, via the […]

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Hydrogen making, the exothermic way! :)

Recently I discovered a method of producing Hydrogen, using a faster method than electrolysis. This is the reaction: 2Al+2NaOH+6H2O=>2NaAl(OH)4+3H2 I described it in the previous post. Today I filmed it. So here’s how to make hydrogen from NaOH, aluminum and water. Watch it HD on youtube. The video is actually only 3 minutes long! I left […]

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Making Oxygen(first attempt)

OK so I decided to make a simple apparatus for making oxygen from electrolysis. I also made hydrogen during this experiment, but I didn’t collect it. The bothering thing was that it took 8 hours(!!!) to fill just a quarter of my small collecting “tank” ( which is a jar btw…). Secondery products, in smaller […]

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