Annoying error in WordPress 5-minute installation

Well you can be faster than that after you gain some experience. I’m a newbie and I just started experimenting with the WordPress platform( not this one, which isn’t self-host). I installed WampServer and downloaded WordPress. I became increasingly frustrated because, after following all the steps, when trying to access localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php, I constantly got the […]

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Close call

In the near feature, 15th February 2013 to be exact, an asteroid will pass by Earth at a record distance. Its designation is 2012 DA14 and it was first observed last year on the same month. It is 45m in size and has a mass of around 130,000 tonnes( as a comparison, a blue whale […]

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You believe you can fly

I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky! And then you hit the ground hard, shattering all hopes of ever doing so. But why does this happen? Well, first of all, because you tried! And you put some effort, so you might be frustrated when the outcome is not in your […]

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Black Mesa Source Review

With patience you can travel across the seas. Patient people can expect fantastic rewards. Hard work produces marvelous results. No matter what, keep having hope that you will succeed. These all seem to be worthy attributes of Valve Time. Valve Time has been known to bring some fans to their knees, begging for new releases. […]

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Arduino Simulator?

I think the best way to experiment with projects that  you aren’t sure they’ll work or they might possibly blow something up is by simulation. In Arduino’s case, the first thing you can do to assure that things are going to be working smoothly is verifying the sketch, since that’s the brain of the project. […]

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