About this Blog

Over the years I thought about a name for the blog. It’s really hard to come up with something when you don’t have a specific purpose in writing. This is not a targeted blog, so you can expect a multitude of articles that won’t have anything in common. I mostly focus on the areas that I like though. For example: geek stuff, gaming, computer articles, experiments, physics etc.

About the Author

Hi! I’m glad you opened this page too. So let me start talking ;).

I’m an enthusiastic person willing to share my ideas with others and constantly looking for new fun activities.

I used to enjoy doing science experiments. Or so I liked to call them, when they were really just experimentation with natural phenomena. I still enjoy doing this when I have the time and ideas. I also enjoy DIY(do click this link if you have no idea what DIY is ) , and who doesn’t? Probably bored persons…

I was about to forget about my most time-consuming “hobby”: working with a computer. Or playing at a computer :). Perhaps it’s a problem that I consider computers man’s best friends when it comes to information, entertainment and self-teaching. But every person has his negative points right? I don’t necessarily consider my computer a tool, it’s more like a gate to the virtual world full of possibilities…

I’m not a writing artist so I don’t really know how to finish this… but oh well, thanks for visiting my blog, have a nice day!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. hello, Marcel!

    Yes you are a happy and optimistic guy! Keep this attitude for as long as you can!
    As for the virtual world you are talking about- think the other way around! it might be- that it is our own world the virtual one – and we actually( fortunately or unfortunately ) leave it!

    take care ! and well done!

  2. Bună ziua,

    Numele meu este Mihai Seba, autorul blogului 23ars de la adresa http://23ars.blogspot.com. Urmăresc de câtva timp blogul dumneavoastră și-mi plac articolele dumneavoastră. Doresc să vă întreb dacă doriți să facem un schimb de adrese, tema blogului meu este programarea in php, c++, java/javascript dar si publicarea diferitelor metode de a rezolva anumite probleme pe o platforma Linux sau Windows, precum si programe pentru linux ce le-as recomanda. Sunt inca la inceput si mai am mult de lucru…
    Daca sunteti de acord sau nu, va rog sa ma contactati pe e-mail sau printr-un comentariu pe blog!
    Va multumesc,

    Mihai Seba

  3. Salut,

    Sunt detinatorul blogului 23Ars. Recent am migrat pe wordpress, daca te mai intereseaza acel schimb de linkuri pe care-l avem, te-as ruga sa modifici schimbi adresa de la 23Ars. Cea noua este arsprogramming.wordpress.com

    Multumesc mult,

    Mihai Seba

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