HP Mini 110 “Quick” Fix for BIOS freeze

Please note that this is not a universal solution, in my quest for a fix I’ve found that HP mini 110 laptops ar quite faulty.

A neighbor of mine brought me a netbook to fix. It was a HP Mini 110, which is quite old now( I think it was first shipped in 2009). The persisting problem was, besides a bloated OS, a very annoying lag in the BIOS screen( with the HP logo on it). It just stood there for tens of minutes, before continuing to the normal boot process.

I’ve searched the web up and down and tried everything possible from re-seating the RAM module, cleaning it, unplugging the BIOS battery, trying the hard reset, having nothing plugged in it( including SD cards or SIM cards). Nothing worked…

…until I read on some obscure forum the suggestion of a guy: the webcam could be damaged. And I instantly remember that they told me the webcam does not work. All I had to do is to unplug the webcam. But to get there…

Well, the photo says it all. So many screws, argh! Anyway, what do you know… it worked!

It’s… it’s aliiiveeeee!!!

One thought on “HP Mini 110 “Quick” Fix for BIOS freeze

  1. This is quite common on Acer Aspire One’s as well, seems that the fault is actually a borked memory chip on the webcam.
    Causes BIOS to get stuck on hardware detection.
    Also these are prone to the same black screen fail as the AOA110 and AOA150 (and others), the fix is very similar.

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