Trying RAGE

RAGE is free to play this weekend on STEAM. I thought I’d give it a try. I think it has a certain Borderlands feel to it, although not featuring that cartoonish outline. Actually, at a first glance it looks quite realistic.

It’s running on the id Tech 5 Engine, and I’m amazed of how well it performs in large areas. Detailed buildings integrate into spectacular canyon landscapes, with beautiful skies and horizons. All of that run flawlessly on my humble Nvidia GeForce 650m. Now of course, I don’t feel the same level of immersion as in a game like Crysis, or that’s because there’s a lot of post-processing there… I don’t know.

I haven’t played a lot yet, just received my first shotgun, and… while the landscapes are really attractive, the combat seems a bit stiff.

Oh, and for the eventual reader who didn’t hear about RAGE, here’s a trailer:

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