Control your desktop with an Android

Here’s a stupid simple way to control your desktop. You’ll need a good internet connection for both the desktop and the smartphone. Most people have a wi-fi connection around their homes these days, so this won’t be a problem.

Team Viewer is needed for the desktop. You probably know this software because it’s popular, and free for personal use.

For your Android device, connect to Google Play and download TeamViewer for Remote Control.

You don’t even have to install the desktop version, just hit Run when you open the program and you’re good to go.

TeamViewer - Desktop version
TeamViewer – Desktop version

Android TeamViewerNow open the Android version of the program, and just type in the ID and password you’ve been provided. That’s all about it. And you can do this from any place. Unfortunately, I have a smaller screen smartphone, but this should be really fun and easy with high-end smartphones, or the ones like Galaxy Note. The real fun is with tablets :).

You can find some pretty useful applications for this method. For example, Windows has in its collection of Accessories a program called “Math Input Panel”. Using this with my phone was hard, it was easier with a mouse, but I believe an Android tablet can easily substitute a drawing tablet. Oh, if you don’t know already, Math Input Panel lets you easily write math equations: it recognizes drawn symbols, and it’s pretty efficient at doing that!

Another example would be controlling a server that has no monitor. Your phone/tablet would be the monitor, and so you can control it from any place easily!



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