Arduino&LCD: Hello World!

I finally found a 16×2 LCD screen at a reasonable price. It was 5.5$ from an electronics store that is not specifically targeted towards robotics. I can’t explain myself why stores that are targeting robotics or are even based around the arduino platform sell such a device for 15$ or worse. I mean you can get these things on Ebay for less than 3$. I understand that stores are meant to produce profit, but this is ridiculous.

Anyway, the one I bought is a Raystar RC1602B-GHY-CSXD, one of the green ones with a yellow backlight. It has 16 pins and it seems to be compatible with the Hitachi HD44780 driver. Well, it is, since it worked!

I simply followed the guide at, here’s the link.  (if you follow the graphical representation it will make connecting the wires faster)

Also, here’s the datasheet for the LCD.

I struggled a bit to make it work, since I don’t have some “modular” connectors, and I couldn’t bother to solder some wire there. I have to find a way to make it easily connectable so I can learn more by prototyping. I mainly envision constructing an Arduino by myself and use it with the LCD screen in a practical project.


4 thoughts on “Arduino&LCD: Hello World!

  1. This is good, but why don’t try to use something to link some tablets with some sensors (temps or maybe droper moves) ?
    I think this is a good idea. Also most of this tablets has some micro usb port. Just you need a interface and also one good android software programmer. If you think is a good idea just send me a mail to make all togheter. Good luck. 😉

    1. It might be a great idea, but I don’t own a tablet…yet. And even if I may own one in the future, I won’t expose it to my DIY hardware experiments, a tablet is just too expensive for that. Instead, for a more complex and maybe “intelligent” project I’d use a Raspberry PI and an actual color LCD. But I’m merely a beginner in all this, so Arduino is more than I can grasp at this moment.

        1. That one seems like a good bang for the buck, but I’m not focusing on buying a tablet at the moment. Even if I did, I would go search for a 10 inch model, the 7 inch ones just seem to small for me, although they fit better in the pocket( some pockets… 🙂 ). I was recently in a store and I tried using some of these cheaper ones. A lot of them are unresponsive, or operate like a snail. A tablet would be very convenient if I had a wi-fi adaptor for the Arduino( I think it’s the “xbee” shield), and needed to control a robot. But that is… very expensive.

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