Speccy and Space Sniffer

I have come across two invaluable Windows tools that help you gather as much information about your system as possible. They’re very suited  for offering a window of what’s actually happening with your hardware.

I”ll present Speccy first. This tool was developed by Piriform( the same software company that produced CCleaner, and I think by now you already know what’s CCleaner useful for). It’s offered as a free download and you can get it from here: Piriform Speccy link.
The tool offers an overview of a system’s specifications, as well as detailed sections for each piece of hardware. As you can see on the right, I’ve opened the Graphics tab for detailed informations about my GPU. You can notice that the temperature is also shown. This is also true for CPU, Motherboard and Hard Drive tabs.

Why did I say it’s invaluable? Well, it replaces a multitude of tools. Examples include CPU-Z, GPU-Z, CoreTemp, HD Tune. Of course, for experienced users these tools are still useful, but in my opinion the average users demand information to be quickly accessible and in one place, not spread across multiple applications.

The next tool is called Space Sniffer and you can download it from here. It does not require installation, and it has a clean and intuitive interface. What it does? It helps you visualize how folders occupy space on your HDD. It’s a faster way to see what you can get rid off in order to make some free space. Once you start the program, it prompts you to choose what partition/hdd you want to scan. Immediately it will display folders as squares, the biggest ones occupying the most space. You can also click these squares to access the sub-folders, which are also displayed as squares.


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