Updating to Gingerbread – performance loss?

I own a Samsung Galaxy Mini ( S5570), and yesterday I thought I’d update it from Froyo to Gingerbread( 2.3.4), since Kies notified me that there was a firmware update available.  No sooner said than done. I plugged the phone into the front USB port, and confirmed the Kies update process. Everything went well… until it reached 8%. It got stuck there! The firmware update was frozen! I searched for solutions online for this problem, and I saw that a lot of people encountered this issue. I thought that pulling now the USB cable is risky and I could have bricked my phone, but… it was the only solution. Of course, if I tried to open it now, it was just a black screen, it wouldn’t boot up.

Turns out it was either a Kies problem, either the front USB panel had some loose connections, either the antivirus was responsible. I really thought my phone was dead now, but Kies has an emergency recovery feature. So first of all, I had to search for a kind of phone Konami code so I could enter in “safe mode”(although this was requested, safe mode wouldn’t start, and only in “download mode” I could finish the firmware update). It’s VolumeDown+OK(middlebutton)+On/Off button. I switched to the back panel USB, restarted my computer, shut down the antivirus, opened Kies and started the update process again. This time everything went fine, and the phone’s OS was updated.

My problem? Well, I won’t be really bothered by this since I’m mostly using my phone for… making a call, texting, browsing… basic stuff that doesn’t require extraordinary performance. But I’m still somehow saddened to find out that the performance of the phone dropped, and I was surprised. I ran a Quadrant Benchmark before updating, and the score was:

  • Total: 715
  • CPU: 495
  • Mem: 810
  • I/O: 520
  • 2D: 1212
  • 3D 538

After updating, I made a Quadrant test again. The first time I thought maybe it was a mistake, so I restarted the phone and repeated the Quadrant test 2 times. The results were approximately the same:

  • Total:  595
  • CPU: 548
  • Mem: 671
  • I/O: 457
  • 2D: 546
  • 3D 753

So as you can see, everything went down, except 3D. Oddly, the 3D performance increased while the 2D performance decreased more than 50%! This simply doesn’t make sense :|. A friend told me that Quadrant isn’t always accurate, but in this case, there’s a huge gap between the measured values, so I doubt that.

Well, I’m not going to be bothered by this anyway, perhaps the hardware isn’t optimized for the newer OS version, or vice versa.


One thought on “Updating to Gingerbread – performance loss?

  1. Asteapta urmatorul update, in functie de tara in care esti si de reteaua de la care ai achizitionat telefon primesti si updateurile la Android, updateuri care nu sunt cele mai noi. S-ar putea sa fi facut update la o versiune oarecum beta de Gingerbread.

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