Changed the flux LED to a 1W LED

1W white LED OF-HPW1-1SL
1W white LED

In the last post I talked about putting an LED instead of a light bulb on my bicycle rear light. I wasn’t satisfied with the luminosity, I was expecting something somewhat brighter, but I actually think the original incandescent bulb was much brighter. Therefore, I bought a 1W LED, and after some researching, it seems that it’s this model: OF-HPW1-1SL. It has the following specifications:

Power 1W
LED colour White
Luminosity 35-45 lm
Color Temperature 6000K(warm)
Viewing Angle 140°
Voltage ~3V
Intensity Max 350mA

It seems that this one would put out more light than the other one. The little flux LED can light the surroundings with maximum 10 lumens after some calculations. It’s hard really to work with these numbers, luminosity is a very subjective specification. But my “eye-meter” proves that 1W LED is undoubtedly brighter.

Changing the LED didn’t necessitate a lot of modifying. I just soldered the wires to the new LED, and left only the 90 ohm resistor in place. Normally these power LEDs should be glued to some radiator, but I didn’t bother to do this: it doesn’t seem to be getting very hot. I didn’t snap a photo of it, but trust me, it’s brighter! 😀


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