The “Different School Week”

Well it seems like the government is changing a bit the school year, introducing a nice week of cultural and outdoor activities just before the Easter holidays. At my school there were a wide range of activities: ecological activities( collecting garbage left by tourists and locals in the nature), watching films made by pupils, scientific activities, watching documentaries or going to the cinema and sport activities.

It was a fun week and I profoundly regret that I won’t be taking part in these activities from now on, as I’m in my final highschool year. Oh, how I wish I was freshman again…

Anyway, I had the occasion of using the microscope this week and tried to take some photographs of what I observed.

Here you can see a “Cephalochordata“. I don’t remember what specie was this one.

I’m not sure what I was watching here, though I think they were liver cells.

These two photos show a wonderful grain of Copper Sulfate( CuSO4):

Frankly, the second photo actually reminds me of the minerals collected in Starcraft. But why would they collect copper sulfate?



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