Can’t open localhost on WAMP- solved

After having searched a lot for this problem, I finally figured it out. Most of the guides will tell you to change in the httpd.conf( located in C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.21\conf) the listening port from 80 to 8080(or really anything you want that doesn’t interfere with another web application). That’s because Skype uses port 80 and it enters in conflict with Apache.

So what do you do if your wamp server now lights up green but your localhost page still doesn’t load? It’s a simple information I could hardly find: just add the port after localhost. You will now write this in your adress bar:



4 thoughts on “Can’t open localhost on WAMP- solved

  1. The topic is on how to fix WAMP problem and not asking for a WAMP replacement…. wew…. think people!!

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