2012 is here

Happy New Year!

This night we should rejoice that another year passed and we are still standing, still having hopes and still being able to be happy. Even enemies celebrate together at this party. Like my dog and cat, I never saw them together until now:

Have any new year resolutions? Perhaps you have, but if you don’t, I’m sure you desire something on the long term. Like me- I wish for a successful year for my education and professional\hobby progress. Oh, and be a bit more creative than the last year.

  I have to recognize: this is a period of excesses food is the most significant here. At least I had some delicious trout for the festive dinner. It was so well cooked that I enjoyed eating even the bones! My heart will surely thank me for all the Omega3 oils I ingested :D.

Among other things, the atmosphere is literally bombarded with beautiful fireworks, but pollution speaks for itself. In many areas the air is left unbreathable and covered in smoke. Well, at least it’s not as bad as a few years back, when you could simply cut through the smoke.

I noticed 2 odd things tonight. My hall clock stopped in 2011- at 12:10 I noticed that the clock was dead at 11:45 in 2012. Interesting time for the battery to fail :). The 2nd thing kind of disturbed me. As I was watching on the window, I observed 2 kids drinking from what seemed to be a wine bottle. After they finished it, they broke the bottle on the asphalt. Both of them were younger than 10 years I think.   Where are we heading with this? Some parents should be warned about giving some proper education to their children.


Finally, this is the fireworks show our town hall provided:



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