Drinking Twinings for the first time

Deutsch: LogoThe December edition of National Geographic magazine came with a little bonus: a Twinings bag of tea. There weren’t a lot of details written on the bag other than the sortiment, simple preparation instructions and the adress of the company. I was expecting to see a description of the bag’s content, but probably that’s only mentioned on the box.

The particular tea I drank has the title “Voyage – Brazilian Baía”. The scent of coconuts and vanilla made me think I’m going to soon taste something good. It has a combination of a few aromas, but the the strongest flavor was still the coconut one. It also left a very weak bitter taste in my mouth, it was almost like a “polish” to all the other flavors.

I read in the magazine that the company( actually at that time only a tea room) was founded in 1706 by Thomas Twining, a time when tea was a privilege granted only for nobles. It was basically a pioneer in selling tea, popularizing it to the masses. So from this story I understand that Twinings is probably popular among british people and is part of Great Britain culture.

I must say that I was feeling like a “sir” when drinking this cup of tea, which I enjoyed to the fullest. I can’t wait to buy a pack of these when I’ll have the occasion




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