Allegro 5 Video Beginner Tutorials

At last I have found some good tutorials to follow. After spending the whole night searching for some good Allegro 5 tutorial series and only finding ‘Allegro Tutorial Part 5’ tutorials for Allegro 4.2.3 X(, I am now quite wasted and unable to follow any instructions to learn something. My eyelids are of lead…

But, for future reference and for whoever will stumble upon my blog post, here’s the link:

The tutorials are explained for Microsoft’s IDE, Visual Studio. The guy works with the professional version, but the express version works as well. Now, because I enjoy Code::Blocks I will also search for a Code::Blocks configuration tutorial sometime… and then follow those tutorials.

And I know everybody says 4.2.3 is easier than the new branch, but this is the future… I was never motivated to make a project or learn more with the 4.2.3 version, so I’d better just learn the modern version.

The bed calls me… oh the pillow… here I come. Bye!


4 thoughts on “Allegro 5 Video Beginner Tutorials

  1. Hey, you found my site! I am glad you enjoy. Maybe when I am finished with this current series I am on I will go back and make a code::Blocks project tutorial. From my understanding, it is fairly simple to do.

    Also, originally I though version 4.2.3 was way better too. Man was I wrong. Some of the new Allegro 5 features kick the pants off of the previous version!

    1. I am quite sure, although I’m not too initiated in the art of programming( well ok, actually I don’t know programming almost at all, only experimented in the past with misc C++ code), that besides the configuration I can follow your tutorials even if they are for Microsoft Visual.
      But, if you do a Code::Blocks configuration tutorial, yeah I would appreciate that very much :).

      A friend of mine keeps telling me that Allegro 5 is hard and I should stick with 4.2.3. Well, for starters, I’d just like to experiment with lines, shapes, text and sounds on the screen. That wouldn’t be so hard would it? 😛

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