The best collection of open source software close at hand

Digital Video Disk

I’ve stumbled upon what seems to be the best collection of open source software for the Windows platform, made to be close at hand.

I am talking about a project that conveniently provides quality open source software( that means it’s totally free) on a disc image(.iso).  You can download it and burn it on a disc( you will need a DVD), so you can take it everywhere with you. It’s wonderful because at last you can have that sense of software freedom(well, except windows perhaps, but even for windows there’s Ubuntu or other linux distributions).

It comes in 2 flavors: the OpenDisc and OpenEducationDisc.

The OpenDisc is 1,2 GB and features opensource software for basically every need, ranging from good time wasters like games, to productivity utilities.

It contains 7 categories: “Design“, “Educational“, “Games“, “Internet“, “Multimedia“, “Productivity” and “Utilities“.

Under “Design” the most notable 2 examples would be Blender and Gimp, 2 programs you MUST have heard of if you stay a lot on the internet.

At “Educational” there are only 3 programs, but that’s because the project has a second disc with educational software.

It provides quite a few games, no fancy graphics around here(although they could include Saurbraten, AssaultCube or OpenArena), like Battle for Wesnoth or FreeCiv.

The internet software list is quite populated with famous names like Firefox, Azureus, FileZilla, Miro, Thunderbird etc.

Under “Multimedia” we find some useful software for audio&video, including Audacity, VLC, Avidemux and so on.

Checking “Productivity” you’ll probably immediately spot the OpenOffice suite, the open source alternative to Microsoft Office, and a few other interesting tools like FreeMind(a program for brain-mapping your ideas).

And the last category, “Utilities” provides us with indispensable tools for computer maintenance or useful utilities like 7zip, ClamWin and so on.

Even though nothing feels so special about this disc, since you can always get these programs online, the beauty of it consists in having them at hand. Pop the disc in the optical drive or mount the .iso image with a program like PowerISO and you’re good to go.


Now the other disc, the OpenEducationDisc, is mostly just a variation of the OpenDisc, but it contains more educational programs. The notable difference is the “Science and Mathematics” category that contains specially designed software to help with subjects like mathematics, geography or programming. On the disc you will also find music composers, planners etc.


And the cherry on the top is that the discs have an interface, with each program having screenshots and a description. How cool is that?



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