Campi Flegrei: a new life threat

Sulfur at the Solfatara crater

The race of human kind has evolved so much in the past few thousand years. Most of us stay in a place we warmly call “home”, and we feel we are in a safe place. But it’s really not like that. Nature ignores that. From this point of view, those who are homeless or aren’t rich don’t have much to loose. Probably only their lives…

I’ve read that there is a new life extinction threat, here in Europe. In 79 AD, mount Vezuvius’s erruption led to the destruction of the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Now, a greater threat arises. One that won’t threat a few cities, but the whole Europe. It’s called the Campi Flegrei.

Quote from wikipedia:

Campi Flegrei, also known as the Phlegraean Fields (from Greek φλέγος, burning), is a large 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) wide calderasituated to the west of NaplesItaly. It was declared a regional park in 2003. Lying mostly underwater, the area comprises 24 craters and volcanic edifices. Hydrothermal activity can be observed at LucrinoAgnano and the town of Pozzuoli. There are also effusive gaseous manifestations in the Solfatara crater, which is known as the mythological home of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan. The area also features bradyseismic phenomena, which are most evident at the temple of Serapis in Pozzuoli.

I am a bit worried, as any human would be. There’s no joking when it comes to volcanoes. If I know a greater threat than a volcano that can destroy the world, then I can only think of asteroids. But look at this, while asteroids are an external problem that can be controlled in a certain amount by modern technology, volcanoes are a result of internal Earth activity. Which is out of our reach.

The thing is that if Campi Flegrei errupts, it will be 20

Pozzuoli and the Campi Flegrei with names. Pho...
The caldera, viewed from space

0 times more powerful than the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which had only a minor impact, only affecting airliners. This one, if it errupts, will wipe out almost immediately all life in the surrounding, and through indirect effects will severely affect it in all Europe. That’s because it will emit large plumes of ash that will block the sun, and it will badly affect the food chain.

A team of british scientist want to drill some rods in the area to study the activity of this volcano, so we can understand it better and possibly avoid a major catastrophe.

You can read more about this at


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