Homemade Spacecraft launched into space

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Someone just implemented an awesome idea I was too thinking about, but don’t have the budget to do so. I’m happy at least I can see it’s possibly, and it’s DIY !

The thermo-isolated capsule containing a camera ascended to 19 miles(about 30km) altitude, when the balloon exploded (because of the low pressure it inflated). That is “almost into space”(because in a matter of seconds the gravity made its duty bringing the object back to Earth), as one can see the round shape of the Earth and the blue haze of the athmosphere.

Such a beautiful DIY project!

[EDIT] Seems like not only one person decided to do this. I searched the internet for projects like this and found more videos!


In this one, the launch sequence isn’t posted. It starts from near-space, and at about 1:30 the balloon breaks. The clip lasts until right before the camera crashes to Earth:

The next one starts again near-space, the balloon breaks at 0:57, and the crashing is included !

Another great one, but it only included the ascending:


All these videos prove that perhaps one day, very curious and inventive people will be able to do what NASA does in the present. That is- launches into space.


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