I’ve been recently testing a cool new game that’s called “Minecraft“. It’s a sandbox game were you can alter everything in the world and extract certain resources to produce different tools that will allow you to extract even more resources, or the same resources but faster.

The game is still in its alpha stages, and it currently costs about 10 euros, but after it’s finished it’ll cost 20 euros.

You may be thinking “well, ok, but this seems to be rather old”. No, it’s still being developed, the project started in 2009. It looks like this because the “world” this game generate is huge, if those blocks(even poorly textured) were… well.. not blocks, you wouldn’t be able to play the game on a normal computer. I saw there are some mods though, like highdef textures.

It’s both browser-based and downloadable, and you can play it in multiplayer.

Oh, did I say it also features rail tracks and mine carts?

It’s a fun little game that can be a good time waster :).

Here’s a fun minecraft rollercoaster somebody built:


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