Repairing the Audio System

One and a half year ago my audio system(Manta Merlin 2.1, aprox 25W RMS) made a loud bang. It scared the crap out of me. I was, in a way, suspecting something like that would happen because the back panel was seriously hot all the time. From that moment, the bass didn’t work anymore.

In the meantime I bought a 5.1 audio system and left this at my grandparents where I used it to play music in the yard through an external speaker mounted outside.

I thought, out of boredom, it’d be cool to repair it and have it fully functional again.

Here are 2 pictures with the exploded IC( I think TDA 2030):

I then resoldered the new IC( TDA 2050, a bit more powerful), and applied lots of thermal paste :D. I believe my soldering went really well, even though I usually have problems soldering such small points.

The front panel had 2 leds that stopped working long before the loud bang, but it didn’t really matter for me as long as the music kept playing :). In a precautionary manner, I measured the voltage before installing new leds. It turns out those LEDs were tortured at 6 V. And they make the package shiny and write 1400 PMPO on it… oh well… I put a 91 ohm(0,25W) resistor on each led to limit the voltage and current for each of the blue and white led.

Finally, a video with the test(the song is “Netsky- Smile“, dnb for some bass :P). I must say, the back panel isn’t that hot anymore!

If you want, you can watch it HD directly on youtube.

Special thanks to Elforum, a romanian forum where I got some help with those ICs.


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