Playing with virtualization

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Ubuntu running in virtualbox
Ubuntu running in virtualbox

I was bored and for some time I thought about trying Ubuntu. As I wanted to try it without too much hustle, I decided to go the fast way: virtualization.

I downloaded a piece of software called “Oracle VirtualBox”, which is open-source.

Right away after I installed it I knew it’s user friendly. Trust me, it’s really easy to work with it(I was a little scared that I’ll have to stay another hour on the internet learning how to have a virtual OS…).

Nope, it’s easy to set up: it has a wizard that guides you in the process of making a ‘virtual machine‘ on which you’ll install the OS. To install the OS you need a bootable disc or bootable image(an .iso file for example).

Well, I won’t detail here Ubuntu because it’s so popular I’m sure you heard of it. It’s just wonderful. If I’ll ever have a netbook, it will surely run Ubuntu.

The problem I’m currently facing is that I can only run it in 800×600 res, which is too small to actually have a nice experience using Ubuntu. Although after searching the internet for a solution I found one, it doesn’t really work. I’ll update the post if I succeed.


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