Computational Knowledge

Wolfram Alpha

It’s fun to use StumbleUpon. A lot of times I find interesting sites not from the actually stumble, but within the pages that I find.

For example, I stumbled across this site with math comics(Spiked math) and I found it to be interesting(I’m not a math geek, I suck at maths but meh… some of those comics are funny ^^). While browsing the site I found this comic. Pretty funny, and I just wondered what “Wolfram Alpha” is. It turns out that to be curious is good sometimes, because I just found the coolest thing ever!

At first I was literally shocked to discover that a thing like this actually exists. I immediately thought about the internet already becoming self-aware, until I came to understand the limits of this computational engine.

Do you know ? Wolfram Alpha is something like that, but much more sophisticated. Unlike cleverbot, it doesn’t focus on natural language communication(although it understands some of it: I tried asking its age and it responded(notice the engine interpretation though and the way it responds)). From what I understand until now, it focuses on the ‘knowledge’ part.

It’s basically an interactive ‘Wikipedia’ that also knows to do math and other calculations.

And it’s really fun! A really cool tool to discover more about the world faster, and heh… it’s also a good help for homeworks :D. Also, it’s TOTALLY FREE!

Because it doesn’t understand natural language pretty well(yet), there’s a page that helps you know how to ask questions for maximum efficiency. It’s a page full of examples from different topics.

Wolfram Alpha


2 thoughts on “Computational Knowledge

  1. Știam de Wolphram Alpha, dar nu de Spiked Math, așa că mersi, o să mai am ceva cu care să-mi ocup ce a mai rămas din vacanță 😀
    P.S. Interesant și blogul, ai un nou cititor 😉

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