Solar System discovered 127 light-years away

Well, I suppose it wasn’t suddenly discovered. There was some work for about 6 years studying the star HD10180 using a planet-finding instrument called “the HARPS spectrograph”, attached to ESO’s 3.6 metre (11.8ft) telescope at La Silla, Chile.

Scientists say it has about 7 planets, which makes this solar system hold the record on the number of planets so far.

Astronomers spotted the planets using spectroscopic analysis and the “wobble method,” where they look at slight wobbles in a star. These wobbles are caused by the gravitational forces from planets rotating the star, and researchers can extrapolate probable size and mass of the planets

Sadly, from what scientists have calculated, there are no planets that could sustain life or be hospitable enough for colonization, which makes this solar system improbable to colonize.

For further informations, watch this video :


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