Massive solar explosion

Well, there was a reason why today was unusually hot( seriously, it was hotter than most of the past days, all of a sudden).

I just came home and checked the news, found out that there was a massive explosion on the surface of the sun, an explosion the size of earth. Some news even associate this with the apocalypse… These guys from the news… they’ll do anything for the money *sigh*

Seriously though, my first thought of worry was directed to the satellites. But most of them were probably shut down, and hey, don’t forget: Earth has a powerful electromagnetic shield. Although it’s a bit hotter than the other days, you don’t have to worry for an apocalypse…

My opinion about the apocalypse is this: it will come very suddenly, we won’t even be announced of it.

So stop worrying about stupid things, use your logic mind and try to be a nice person with everybody. Enjoy your life!


One thought on “Massive solar explosion

  1. conform serialului Smallville , in sezonu 2 daca nu ma insel aflam ca puterile lui Superman se trag datorita stelelor, adica a Soarelui in cazul nostru si intr-un episod exista aceste explozii solare care ii maresc brusc puterile sau i le scad la 0, deci … unde esti superman ???

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