Scientists solutions to global warming

After I’ve talked about it, and show some ways of participating at the reduction of it, it’s now time to show you some crazy ideas about saving the earth from different scientists.

Mirrors in space

Scientists have recently come up with a very crazy idea: shooting mirrors into space. But that is a big thing to do, and you don’t need to be a scientist to work out the approximate numbers: trillions of mirrors would be needed. The trillions of mirrors would have to be fired one million miles above the earth using a huge cannon with a barrel of 0.6 miles across. It would stop the global warming process for centuries: enough time for humanity to evolve to the space-era. The production of these mirrors would amount to 20 million tons of material used.

The price of this is also enourmous: $350 trillion. Although impractical and possibly never going to be approved(well, probably in the next centuries or so 🙂 ), it shows how much creativity scientists have to serious problems.

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Iron in the Sea

As I already discussed in a previous article about the phytoplankton, another solution to get

more green blooms is dumping dissolved iron into the sea because it works as a fertilizer. The problem with this is that the possible side-effects are unpredictable and could be dangerous to the environment.

But it’s a much more practical and economical way to deal with the warming of the atmosphere.

Spraying water into the sky

Earth has it’s natural ways of reflecting the solar light and we can help it do better.Clouds, because they’re white, reflect a lot of solar heat. After all, isn’t cooler outside in cloudy days?

They hope they can achieve this by spraying a lot of sea water into the sky with the help of about 1500 boats that will spray 50 cubic meters of water per second.

Doing nothing crazy

A lot of scientists will surely disagree with the above methods. They look impractical, exceed the limitations of humanity and are rather dangerous.

We can do a little analogy here with the Occam’s razor(it’s a “law” that states  that the simplest theory is usually the correct one). In our case, I consider the most natural, cost-effective and practical ways of combating global warming the most possible and effective ones.

There are quite a lot of them if we think. You just have to search google for “green guides” and this sort of stuff. Scientists help us here too by researching hydrogen powered vehicles. We can make ourselves less dependent on fossil fuels by actually using the energy from the sun directly.

That’s right! Using fossil fuels is just using the sun’s energy indirectly. Think about it! Fossil fuels were formed in millions of years by dead plants and animals. Were did they come from? Well, plants took the energy directly from the sun, herbivores ate those plants, and carnivores ate herbivores… it’s a chain that is directly related to the energy from the sun. If you meditate a little about this subject imagine yourself observing the humanity from the skies you’ll come to the conclusion that what we do is just plain ridiculous.

Solar panels can generate both electricity and heat from the sun. Of course, in sunny days, but they are still effective combined with other green means of producing energy.

Wind turbines aren’t new to the scene. They’ve been used for centuries as flour mills. Now they are used to produce electricity there were the winds allow this. But you know, hehe, winds exist because of the temperature differences. And who does that? The sun….

Hydroelectric dams use falling water to produce massive amounts of electricity. They’re actually used at a very big scale being so efficient. So where’s the water coming from? You’ve learned about the water cycle in the nature at school. What is the motor that keeps this cycle running? You know, when water evaporates.. Aha ! The sun…

You should also know that in the 3rd world, poor people who live in hotter places use the energy from the sun to cook! For details about this, search for SOLAR COOKER on google. It’s very easy to build one yourself.

In conclusion to all this global warming story, what I have to say is that we need to be responsible. Earth was designed with a nature that intelligently controls the climate and keeps things running smoothly. We, people, just came in with our heavy industries and began disturbing the equilibrium.

We have to learn to have a natural lifestyle, to integrate ourselves into the nature, to be a part of it. That way, problems will stop and life here on Earth will make everyone smile.


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