The best browsing experience is not defined only by the sites you usually visit, but also the tool you use to navigate- the browser.

Now I’m going to give you a small tip(and you won’t regret it): Try Firefox. Use Firefox! It’s probably the best web browsing experience you can get. I’m going to prove it.

Because numbers are impressive, I’m going to prove it that way first!


Stop! You were trying to say firefox is the most used browser and from this graph ….

Wait! I’ll get there in a second. According to StatCounter GlobalStats, Internet Explorer is the most used browser in the world, and on the second place comes Firefox. But think there for a moment. It comes along with Windows, which in turn is the most used OS in the world. Most people won’t bother installing another browser because they just don’t care- they are not users who spend a lot of their time on the internet. Even if it’s like that, probably they’re beginners and they will soon start to realize they want a better browsing experience. Things make some sense now, right?

So yes, in the world of intermediate and advanced users, Mozilla Firefox is the most used web browser.

But why?

On this page at mozilla you can see a comparison between different versions of Firefox. The latest one, Firefox 3.6 has a JavaScript performance of 995 ms! (the fastest yet). Of course, in this domain Firefox is still in the 2nd place. Yes everyone, it’s about Google Chrome. But that browser has a specific category of users who really prefer these 2 defining words: speed and minimalistic. It doesn’t offer what Firefox offers though. I used to make use of Internet Explorer as a secondary browser in the past( while using Firefox as the main one, with similar sessions each day). But I uninstalled it and installed Chrome instead. But probably 80% of my browsing time is spent in Firefox ;).

And now I’m getting to the main point:

When you first install Firefox, it’s almost like any other browser. But you like customizing right? That’s not a problem because you can choose from a truckload of themes and thousands of  “Personas”(which instantly change the look of your browser) to help change the look and feel of your browsing experience.

So probably you’re whining about not having features you saw at other browsers. Don’t cry, Firefox offer even more than that: you can choose from a big variety of addons to personalize your browser. Firefox was designed to be a modular software that doesn’t push down your throat a ton of features you would probably not use. You choose what features you want and install them! And the awesome part is that Firefox keeps tracking these addons for updates and it will announce you if one of your plugins needs an update.

And before I forget, Firefox is an open-source software with a thriving community that constantly works at making this browser a better piece of software.

Firefox: Fun and Safe browsing experience!


4 thoughts on “Firefox

    1. Asta s-o crezi tu :P, probabil acum sunt la un nivel mediu….
      Ma ajut destul de mult si de uneltele lingvistice de la google. Eu am probleme cu vocabularul sarac la engleza, nu cu legarea cuvintelor :).

  1. Un articol foarte bun, te felicit. Date, grafice, alea, alea, chiar foarte frumos realizat. Tin sa specific faptul ca folosesc firefox de 6 ani, adica de cand s-a lansat si sunt foarte multumit. FF FTW!!

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