Dangerous Hydrogen Making Experiment

Yesterday I discovered a faster, simpler way of producing hydrogen without all that electrolysis hustle. I hope I can get my hands on some NaOH tomorrow, because NaOH+H2O+Al=> lots of heat and H2 and other substances that are hard to write(something like NaAl(OH) but I may be wrong). I just put them in a bottle, then cover the bottle with a balloon! How cool is that?

Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH)
Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH)

Well, I was at my grandmother today and I found out she had some old NaOH from some time ago when she made soap. It was nearly rock solid, so I could only scratch some NaOH from that rock. I didn’t make the above experiment(I plan on doing it tomorrow), instead I made something… “bombastic”.

So this is what I did: Placed NaOH in a 0,5l glass bottle half-filled with warm water, then quickly added some aluminium foil. Shaked the bottle a little bit and the reaction started immediately. It started making a lot of H2 and foam, but it wasn’t sufficient for what I wanted(I placed only a small quantity of NaOH)- a continuous flame coming from the mouth of the bottle.
So instead I placed a cover on the bottle’s mouth- hydrogen built up inside. After about 1 minute, I took the cover and came near with a match.

I wasn’t expecting that: it exploded into a flame about 20 cm high(the flame could be seen even inside the bottle) with a loud bang. It really scared the crap

Alluminium foil
Alluminium foil

out of me, and I wonder what would’ve happened if I let the hydrogen build more in quantity… I really feel lucky that bottle didn’t explode.I guess things like this increase our experience so next time we are much more cautious.

So anyway, tomorrow I’m going to buy some balloons and fill them with hydrogen :D.

And btw,  I found the reaction equation, it is this:


Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, making up 75% of normal matter by mass and over 90% by number of atoms

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