Home-Made speaker Test 1 !

Hey all, I found a cool method to build a speaker ! Just search after “kipkay” on youtube, you’ll surely find it 😛

And it’s quite cool too. This is what I did :

  • Made a coil on some scrap paper
  • Glued the coil on the plastic plate
  • Built some suspensions from scrap paper which will sustain the plate and coil
  • Put some magnets in the center of this coil while allowing it to move freely vertically

The result wasn’t as I was expecting, and I immediatly noticed the problem : the coil has a low resistance , meaning that it lacks of wire.

Well, anyway it had sound and also at full bass the plate was moving up and down, cool 😀 . At some point the coil began smoking. Here are some pictures and a video(smoking) with it :

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